, send a year of cheer; 12 months of Odie the Pom postcards for only $17.95!

Think of all the cruddy mail people get every day.  Wouldn't it be nice if once in a while, the people you love got something in the mail that was not a bill or an ad for carpet cleaning?

Have we got something for you!

Each month, we'll send you or a loved one a new Odie the Pom postcard!  We dare you to look at the fluffy orange dog and not crack a smile.

Kids as young as 2-years-old already know what the mailbox is all about.  Imagine their excitement when they find something in the mailbox that is just for them.  You can even include a personalized message.  Many kids even collect and keep their cards in scrap books, or take them to show and tell!

Get 12 Months of Odie the Pom Postcards mailed to you or someone you love!  Order now at the introductory price of just $17.95.  (That's less than $1.50 a card!)



Follow Odie's feed for alerts when his next card will be hitting the mail., &

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